Jitka Klimešová

My main interest is functional morphology of plants. With colleagues we are building database of clonal and bud bank traits for flora of Central Europe, testing functionality of morphological traits in experiments and doing correlative studies and evolutionary analyses of different plant traits and environmental parameters for the whole flora. I serve as Editor in Chief for Folia Geobotanica (ecological journal published  by Springer). I am also writing blog in Czech where I am publishing small graphic arts (linocuts) inspired by my work.

On line CLO-PLA database is availble here

Aggregated and user-frendly form of the CLO-PLA database is accessible here

Publications on Google scholar and Research gate

Blog in Czech language

PhD course on assessment of belowground plant traits „Go belowground!

Contact: jitka.klimesova (at) ibot.cas.cz


Department of Functional Ecology, Institute of Botany CAS, Dukelska 135, CZ 37901 Trebon, Czech Republic


Department of Botany, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Benatska 2, CZ 120 00 Prague, Czech Republic

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